Kobra Sp. j.

Kobra Sp.j. has existed since 2 January, 1992. We specialise in the global trade of second-hand clothing, workwear, textiles for hotels and restaurants, as well as the used clothes sorting, recycling and production of cleaning rags.

What we do

On the area of more than 6000m2 we produce several assortments of cleaning rags from used textile materials applicable in workshop, industry, trade, crafts and other areas of economy…

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Areas of activity

We produce monthly about 700 tonnes of various cleaning rags assortments. We use a unique used clothes sale technology and we operate in the field of recycling throughout a process of textile sorting…

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Our achievements

We were honoured in the national business rankings and we work with over 2000 contractors from all over the world. We participate in the recycling process, helping to reduce environment pollution…

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We produce several assortments of wipers (cleaning rags) from used textile materials such as t-shirts, towels, flannel, cotton, and white and coloured sheets.

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Used clothing

We have been distributing high quality used clothes from all over the world. We offer a wide range of sorted used women’s, men’s and children’s clothes.

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Take a look at our business offer of workwear. Here you will find a wide range of work clothing such as jackets, shirts, aprons or overalls.

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Hotel textiles

We specialise in wholesale and retail textiles for hotels and catering. In our offer you will find a wide range of bed linen, tablecloths and towels.

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